SYTYCD S8 – a first

Posted: June 18, 2011 in dance, tv
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NO ONE was eliminated this week! Woohoo! But as a result, two couples will be eliminated next week! Boooo!

Bottom 3 couples for the first week of competition include:

  1. Jordan and Tadd who did a jazz routine.
  2. Miranda and Robert who did jive.
  3. Clarice and Jess who did broadway.

Mitchell also danced for his life because he wasn’t able to dance the night before per doctor’s advise.

The couples have to really give it their all next week. And I hope the voters vote responsibly.  However, as the line up this season is really awesome, it will really be very difficult for the voters and judges to send anyone home.  I just hope my favorites (Marko, Melanie, Tadd, Missy, Jordan and Nick) get dance styles and choreographers that/who will bring out their magnificence.

  1. […] their partners Melanie and Jordan respectively.  Tadd and Jordan were unfortunately part of the bottom 3 though but the good thing is no one was eliminated so we’ll be able to see all of them again […]

  2. […] are eliminated in this episode as a result of last week’s shocking decision of letting everyone stay on for another […]

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