I want me some waterproof boots!

Posted: June 24, 2011 in mission, news, personal
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Rainy season has started and with the kind of maintenance the government is doing to the drainage system of the metro, waterproof boots seems like a very good investment.

Typhoon Falcon has just visited the Philippines and has brought with it massive volumes of rain.  And with the clogged drainage in all of the National Capital Region due to poor maintenance and blatant throwing of garbage everywhere and anywhere, waters not only in rivers and creeks rose but in the streets as well.  Actually, these boots, no matter how sturdy and durable are useless in some areas because waters tend to rise to more than 2 meters.  Scary, I know.  But with the kind of response the Philippines activates for preventing these things from happening, it is not shocking news.  In fact, it is expected.

The Philippines has already suffered the effects of massive floods, thanks to the record-breaking downpour brought by Typhoon Ondoy in 2009.  The Filipinos as a nation rose and helped all those affected.  There were stories of heroic acts heard all over.  The senate and congress has questioned the experts to try and find solutions for the disaster.  But a few weeks after, when the media coverage has died down, all efforts of preventing another “Ondoy” from happening also fizzled.  And now, Typhoon Falcon, which has rains less than half the volume brought by Ondoy, was still able to inflict a lot of damage.  The damage was not as much as Ondoy’s but still much of the devastation are is preventable.  IF ONLY THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING ITS JOB.  IF ONLY YOU DO NOT THROW YOUR TRASH ANYWHERE.

Yes, though the government is much to blame, they are not the only ones to blame.  Each of you who did not take the time to find a trash can for that candy wrapper, you are responsible as well!  This is the nth time already!  Will we ever really learn?  Or will we just continue digging our graves?

Anyway, I will probably buy the waterproof boots next week from Timbaland.  That is, if I don’t see a better one beforehand.


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