SYTYCD S8 – top 20 results show

Posted: June 24, 2011 in dance, tv
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Four are eliminated in this episode as a result of last week’s shocking decision of letting everyone stay on for another week.

This week’s performances were mostly amazing.  The bottom 4 for me, since I couldn’t decide on just 3 includes Wadi and Missy, Iveta and Nick, Robert and Miranda and Jess and Clarice.  But America has decided on the following as their bottom 3:

  1. Wadi and Missy, who performed a lackluster cha-cha
  2. Iveta and Nick, who did a bollywood number
  3. Ryan and Ricky, who did a jazz routine

So I was wrong about Robert and Miranda and Jess and Clarice being in the bottom.  But I was right with the other 2, unfortunately. =(  I just wish no one had to go home.  Can’t they just make them all dance til the end and just declare a winner then?

Before the contestants did their solos, the Rage Crew performed and there were some cute kids there who may be future SYTYCD contestants.  After the solos, LMFAO performed with the Quest Crew!

The solos were great but Ricky’s solo stood out.  He really danced for his life. None of the girls really stood out.  Iveta, being a ballroom dancer could not really showcase her expertise without a partner, so she is somewhat at a disadvantage.  The judges really had a very difficult decision to make however, their decision for this week was unanimous – the judges are keeping Ryan and Ricky.

Aaargh.. I really hate it when the show has to say goodbye to amazing dancers but such is the nature of the show.  I am sure that these talented dancers have still much ahead of them.  Good luck and God bless Nick, Wadi, Missy and Iveta!


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