Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Grand Finals

Posted: June 25, 2011 in tv
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It started out with a Pinoy-inspired number with Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil.

  1. Freestylers.  We call it “buwis-buhay” performance in Filipino (death-defying).  They did stunt after stunt after stunt.  Each stunt defying the laws of gravity.  The dance parts though were not that strong.  They weren’t as synchronized as they should be.  Also, the stunts weren’t quite original but kudos to them for being able to do it.
  2. DJP Trio.  These kids are amazing.  The blending of their voices is truly remarkable.  I think there was a problem with the audio though – the background music was a tad too loud compared with their voices.
  3. Happy feet.  These siblings are simply cute.  They didn’t have formal training at all in tap dance but that’s the talent they showcased.  They weren’t able to do the technical aspects of tap dance but they gave a wonderful performance nonetheless.
  4. John Michael Narag.  This is a singer with a big voice.  He sings dramatically and with so much passion, sometimes, with too much even that his right eye seems to be popping out.
  5. Baguio Boom Boom Boom.  This is a group of 4 boys doing hip hop.  They were solid the previous rounds but tonight everything was off – not synchronized, steps not memorized, costume is distracting.
  6. Rico the Magician.  The only magician in the top 14. Amazing performance but the 2 tricks, although, really thought provoking and awesome, were a little too few.
  7. Madrigal Siblings.  The nationalistic trio.  Their blending is better than the DJP trio.
  8. Marcelito Pomoy.  He does a female singing voice so well singing ‘The Prayer” with both the tenor and soprano voices!  Araneta Coliseum gave him a standing ovation for his outstanding performance.
  9. Filogram.  This group of dancers had a solid performance but their routine lacked appeal to the general audience. The routine was simple-looking and did not encourage shrieks of appreciation from the audience.
  10. Buildex Pagales.  He supposedly is the Bruno Mars of the Philippines. He sang ‘The Lazy Song.’  There were a lot of sharps/flats during his singing but he relies so much on his charm so he’ll probably still get a lot of votes.
  11. Neil and Beth.  The only ballroom dancers in the competition.  They weren’t amazing technically but their performance was utterly entertaining.  The costume change was really unexpected but not necessarily original.  One of the better performances of the night.
  12. Jem Cubil.  Another crooner relying on his cute face.  Not a very good choice of song.
  13. Skeights.  The band lead singer looked and sounded quite nervous.  The band didn’t sound that tight too.
  14. Angel.  She hoola-hooped with fire but somehow the performance was a little lackluster.  She seemed in a hurry to get from one trick to another.  Also, her routine did not have very smooth transitions.

My top 3 performances: Marcelito, Neil-Beth and Rico the magician.

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