SYTYCD S8 – top 16 perform

Posted: June 30, 2011 in dance
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Tadd challenged me on twitter to guess which article of clothing he is wearing for this show is from his shopping during their recent day-off.  So I am really all eyes on tonight’s performances, not that I would need any encouragement because we all know that So You Think You Can Dance is simply the best dance show ever! =)

So there are four judges in the panel to critique the top 16.  Mary and Nigel are of course permanent fixtures in the judges table but for this week, Kristin Chenoweth and Lil C brought additional perspective for the show.

Aside from the duets, the dancers are also performing group numbers.  They were divided into two groups.  The partners were separated from each other giving them an opportunity to dance with other people.

The first group consist of Ryan, Sasha, Clarice, Miranda, Tadd, Mitchell, Marko and Chris.  They performed a Tyce DiOrio broadway number (Ray Charles, Hit the Road Jack).  The second group of couse is Jordan, Ashley, Melanie, Caitlynn, Ricky, Jess, Alexander and Robert.  They had contemporary by Dee Caspery (The Civil Wars – Poison and Wine).  Both routines were amazing!

Prior to each duet, the dancers are asked about their first performances ever.

  1. Sasha, as a child was a tomboy and rarely hangs with girls.  She loves playing sports with the guys.  In her first ever performance, she was a frog in thumbelina, sporting a green leotard.  Alexander sports the same hairdo as his younger self.  His first ever performance was when he was 6, during his birthday party, performing tribute to the lion with his cousins as back up dancers.  They had contemporary by Dee Caspary (Cary Brothers – Belong).  Sasha just has a lot of grace, lightness and fluidity to her movement (This was apparent even in their hiphop routine last week).  And as always, I barely noticed Alexander because of Sasha’s dominating presence.
  2. Caitlynn was also a tomboy when she was a little kid – playing outside with the dirt but in her pretty little dress, which her mom asks her to wear.  She performed the duck dance in her blue sequined blouse and yellow short jumpsuit in her first ever performance.  Mitchell was an animated “model” in front of the camera.  He was a late bloomer in dance, performing his first dance on stage when he was 16.  They had samba by Jean Marc Genereaux (Alicia Keys and Beyonce – Put it in a Love Song).  I don’t know what happened with Caitlynn and Mitchell’s performance.  They were certainly moving their hips right and powering with their feet but the routine still did not feel right.  It seemed like they were both lost on stage even if they were doing all the steps right.  Or maybe I just didn’t like the music because it wasn’t traditional samba music.  The judges surely liked it, so maybe it really was the music.
  3. Miranda was a very opinionated kid who knew what she wanted – to get married (when she was in pre-school).  Her first performance was in tap dance.  Robert was a clown when he was a kid.  He also loved playing Michael Jackson, which was his first performance on stage.  They had broadway by Tyce DiOrio (Sophisticated Ladies – It Don’t Mean a Thing).  I really don’t like this couple, I’m sorry.  I am just not impressed with Robert getting by just because of his BIG personality.  Dance-wise, I don’t think he is at par with any of the other male dancers on the show.  The judges were talking about Miranda’s transformation and I think I see it.  She definitely is a great dancer.
  4. Melanie was already a star when she was a kid.  She loves performing.  She was Little Bo-Beep on her first ever performance – ballet and tap.  Marko was a crazy kid.  He first performed on stage when he was 10 years old, dancing jazz and hiphop.  They had lyrical hiphop with Nappytabs (Leona Lewis – I Got You).  I LOVE M&M!  They just move with such grace and ease.  They have been conquering everything thrown at them.  They are just so in synch and their connection is just so genuine.  Everyone is falling in love with this pair.  Nappytabs is genius!  POWER COUPLE indeed!  And you have to watch the show and see the mayhem that resulted because of Marko and Melanie’s amazing performance (hint: It’s not just Marko and Melanie who kissed that night!).  Top performance of the night!
  5. Ashley was a shy kid who, once you get to know, shows her goofy side.  She was 3 when she first performed.  Chris was an energetic kid who has 6 siblings.  His first performance wasn’t dance but poetry.  They had jazz by Sonya Tayeh (Telepathe – Lights Go Down).  It was an interesting piece, which was difficult to really get your head into.  Although it was danced great, technique-wise, it wasn’t a number that would probably encourage votes.
  6. Clarice, even as a child was a performer.  Her first performance was when she was 2 – a cutesy dance.  Jess was a crazy little boy.  In his first performance, instead of doing the steps, he just stood on stage waving at his mom.  They had foxtrot by Jean Marc Genereaux (Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon).  Clarice was dazzling in this routine.  Jess, with his broadway background was also good.
  7. Ricky as a little kid was already hooked into dancing. His first performance was in a competition.  He was doing a solo and in the middle of his performance, he forgot the steps and did his friend’s choreography instead.  Ryan was a shy kid.  Her first performance was when she was four, dancing to Shirley Temple with her bunny ears.  They had contemporary with Sonya Tayeh (Robyn – With Every Hearybeat).  A beautiful, moving piece danced to perfection by Ryan and Ricky.
  8. Jordan growls at people who stared at her.  Her first dance performance when she was in first grade to Spice Up Your Life by the Spice Girls.  Tadd was a huge nerd.  He had a typical asian bowl cut. He learned martial arts to protect himself from bullies.  His first performance was in a Filipino cultural dance (REPRESENT! Go Pinoys!).  They had hiphop by Nappytabs (David Guetta – Memories).  It was a fun, traditional hip-hop routine done on bed.

My bottom 3 are Ashley and Chris, Miranda and Robert and Caitlynn and Mitchell.  And oh, since Tadd was wearing almost nothing in his routine with Jordan, I am guessing, the SHOES!

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