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to do list

Posted: June 10, 2012 in fun

I saw this fun to do list in facebook. I think it would be fun to do one or two from it if not all.

Numbers 3, 4 and 6 seem the simplest of the ten, not a lot of preparations needed.  Just a dose of courage for number 4 and 6 and  a shirt and some lemons for 3.

I have already accomplished half of number 7 but am not really kin on changing my surname to Acula.  Besides, that requires too much effort and money, me thinks.

If I were to do everything on the list, then my first name would also need changing. Say hello to Dr. Simon Acula.  Dr. Acula. Haha.  I would also need to learn how to drive and download the song “eye of the tiger”. Haha.  I hope I get the confidence to start with at least one of them. =)