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craving for iphone

Posted: July 24, 2012 in technology

Hi I am ron and I want an iphone. I was an iphone user before. Had me a 3gs until I got attracted to the touch and type convenience of the blackberry bold 9900. It has been 8 months that I have been using my bb 9900 and it has been fun! It has been real easy typing emails, tweets and blog entries with the ergonomic keyboard of the bb. And, my phone bill has been kept at an acceptable level even with unlimited tweeting, surfing and facebooking.

But I really miss the apple apps. I have an ipad but it’s too huge to be carrying about wherever I go. I wanna be able to set appointments, type tasks, answer emails, tweet and play games using just one device.

My timing sucks though. Macrumors is advising its readers to buy an iphone only if needed coz it’s almost the end of its cycle. Do I really need it? The next iphone is rumored for release in October, which means I’ll be able to get it December earliest since release in the Philippines is usually 2 months after. That’s 5 months of waiting and I am never good at waiting. 😦

So I will probably windowshop for an iphone later. I hear it goes for around 38k for the 64gb? I hope I can get a better deal. Wish me luck!

season 9

Posted: July 14, 2012 in dance, tv
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The top 20 of the so you think you can dance’s season 9 performed this week. Four of them will be cut next week! Too soon, I say. I wish the dancers get to stay 5 weeks before any of them gets cut. Viewers can still vote each week. But the votes will be aggregated so that come the fifth week of performances, the dances are ranked and the bottom 10 get cut. This way, the dancers will get more chances of showing their talent, their personality. The current format puts some of the dancers at the mercy of the choreographer. And talented as the choreographers are, sometimes, they miss too to the detriment of the dancer. 😦

Anyway, this week’s top 20 performance is freaking amazing! Christopher Scott is a genius! Choreography was superb. Use of props was seamless. And the dancers he highlighted were great. Except for one. Hehe. The stepper guy, I forgot his name – what he did in his “solo” was so-so. It didn’t really add any value, I think, to the entire performance. Contrast that with Amelia’s and Chohan’s!

Must watch performances this week – Travis Wall’s unchained melody and Jason Gilkison’s paso doble! Nigel was right in saying that Travis’ choreography is really mature, well-thought out. Travis uses the intricacies of the music to his advantage. He lets it enhance his artistry! The paso, too, was spectacular! The best paso doble so far in the history of so you think you can dance! Right, Mary Murphy?

I can’t wait for next week’s performance. I wonder, too, how they will do the cut.

So you think you can dance is happiness! 🙂