Gene Kelly

Posted: August 27, 2012 in dance


He has always been mentioned by dancers and choreographers as an inspiration to them, as one of the greatest dancer/performer. I have heard him mentioned quite a number of times by Nigel Lythgoe in So You Think You Can Dance. He has also been mimicked and talked about in so many movies. But I have never really googled him to find out more and validate why so many people look up to him when they talk about dance, about performance.

In his 100th life anniversary, Time magazine shares some amazing photos showing Gene Kelly’s grace, confidence and bravado in front of the camera –>;; TIME: PHOTOS: Rare images of Gene Kelly at a pivotal point in his career | (via @LIFE).

Honestly, I haven’t seen one of his movies yet. I have only watched some of the clips shown in some of the dance tv shows I follow. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find some of his movies. Surely, I will be as amazed as everyone else and gain more inspiration to dance and dance some more!


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