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Belly Good

Posted: January 23, 2013 in personal
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Ugh. I am getting fat. Not fat yet. But you know, on my way there.  Haha…  I have probably gained about 4 kilograms already since the holidays and am still putting on more and more each day. I have been a glutton these past few weeks plus I’ve not had my usual exercise (dancing) for a few weeks now.

I am far from being obese. At least, that’s what I am hoping. Wait, let me make sure of that… Lemme get my calculator to compute for my BMI (body mass index)… Oooppsss.. Apparently, I am nearly there. MY BMI is at 22.8. That’s still on the normal side but just two tenths shy of being overweight by Asian standards.  If I gain another kilogram, I’d already be considered overweight!!!! Nooooooo!

I have got to exercise and eat better! I have got to! Ugh. And I was planning to eat one more donut. At 10pm! Yeah. Unhealthy. Hahaha. But the donuts are begging me to devour them. The box says they (the donuts) are at their best up to three days from date of purchase. Last day tomorrow! So, I do have to finish them, right? Right? hahaha


Posted: January 1, 2013 in personal


From my samsung galaxy note 2. 🙂