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Aaaaahhhh! These promos from Fox featuring the all-stars have got me all excited about the new season of so you think you can dance! As a frustrated dancer, I have been a fan of the show from the very first season where Melody, a Filipina, came second to Nick Lazarini! Can’t wait to see the show and what new things they’ve decided to put in. I hope they retain much of the format and rules from the previous season though! Aaaaahhh!


The promo features (from 7 to 1) Kathryn, Robert, Witney, Twitch, Lauren, Mark and Neil.

Halalan 2013

Posted: May 14, 2013 in government, mission

The midterm elections has ended yesterday at 7pm. Some winners have already been proclaimed today and the rest will be proclaimed soon.

There have been a few stand out candidates this year who have continually been the topic of headlines, blogs, tweets and memes.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the country has access to these information avenues. The Philippines after all is just a third world country trying desperately to free itself from the clutches of poverty.


The cutest canines

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Introducing the cutest dogs ever! Haha. Those are our dogs. From top left clockwise – Pilo, Chichi, JT and Chichi. Aren’t they adorable? =)

Apple is the oldest among them. JT, Chichi and Pilo’s offspring, was the youngest since about 2 weeks ago.

My First…

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It’s about 10 days after my first hospital admission and first surgery. I am doing well but not yet back to my regular self. There’s still a bit of pain on the surgical sites when doing certain daily activities but I am generally good and feeling great.

Back in January, about the last week of the month, I had my annual general physical examination, which was required by the company I work for. I had the usual tests for my age group but I also complained of another matter, one that has been plaguing me for a year now. The doctor advised further examinations including an ultrasound of the entire abdomen.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the ultrasound revealed a glaring 1.3 cm mass in my gall bladder. I got worried.  A mass is a mass. No matter the circumstances (I am young, a non-smoker, non-alcoholic beverage drinker, and I exercise regularly), as long as it has not been declared benign and safe, we always think of the possibility of the big C.

My being a doctor may have made matters worse. I know where to get more information so I did.  And the more information I read, the more grim everything became.  Studies reveal that solitary gall bladder masses with size greater than 1 cm have a higher chance of being malignant (i.e. cancerous).

I consulted my doctor-friends about it and they reassured me. I didn’t have the symptoms nor the danger signs of the big C so I need not worry, they all said.  I consulted experts in the field and they shared the same opinion.  They also advised laparoscopic cholecystectomy – surgical removal of the gall bladder using scopes.  It is a much more expensive but safer option (versus an open surgery, which requires a bigger incision and therefore longer recovery time).  It is a fairly common procedure and there are already a lot of experts here in the Philippines.

So the date of the surgery was set.  I was to be admitted for the first time in my life and undergo my first surgery on April 25.  You see, it took me a long time before I finally decided to have the surgery done.  I initially just wanted to observe, do a series of ultrasounds to monitor if the mass grew. Work, also, got in the way.  I couldn’t really think about what I needed to do because I was swamped with problems to solve, decisions to make, and meetings to attend.  I also had to consider the schedule of my sister who I asked to take care of me post-surgery. (more…)


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Currently addicted to this game – 2fuse. It’s available for iOS and android for free.

It’s a game that tests the speed of your eyes and your fingers. And based on my results on playing this game, neither my eyes or my fingers are fast enough. Haha.

That’s my sister’s score there on the top left of the photo – 490,140. She can do up to 500k ++.  Her husband’s high score goes up to 600k++.  A few friends have scores of at least a million.  I, on the other hand, can only manage up to 300,000 even with full upgrades. Hehe

I am still very much enjoying the game though despite my modest scores.  I think it helps rewire my brain somehow. Haha. Hopefully, it can restore lost neural connections and make me smarter.

How about you?  What’s your high score?

the voice – 6th week

Posted: May 2, 2013 in tv

It’s the knockout round in the fourth season of the voice and I am still hooked. Hahaha… By the way, I am not sure if it really is the sixth week or not. I just assumed and I am hoping that I made the right assumption.

So, as I mentioned, I am still hooked. The judges are quite entertaining and the singers are really talented.  It’s my first time watching the voice this deep into the season. I only got to watch the blind auditions of the previous seasons so I have no idea what happens at this stage of the competition.

I am writing this as I watch the first of the knockout round. Hmmm… So they are pitting the remaining singers in each team against the other members of in the team.  The coaches (Adam, Shakira, Usher and Blake) choose 2 singers from their team for the knockout round. I find it weird that they are doing this to their team but hey, that’s how they formatted the show and it has created a big following so who am I to question their choice.  I think it would have been better had they pitted singers from different coaches against each other but that’s just me.

Anyway, some of the choices for pairing by the judges, Shakira in particular, weren’t really strategic. I think that the show’s format really promotes for the coaches to pair their bests against their worsts so that in the end, the bests will be left.  But Shakira defied this and pitted two of great singers together. Argh.

So this episode focused on Shakira’s and Adam’s teams.  By the end of the episode, they halved their teams, each now having just 4 for the live shows.  It was sad to see some of those talented people go but such is the nature of a competition.  Some of them might end up on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 later on despite the rejection.   But I hope that every one will continue to try and reach for his/her dream.