SYTYCD 10 Top 10

Posted: August 3, 2013 in dance, tv
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Yes.  It’s still two more weeks until the top 10 dancers are revealed but as early as now, I would like to make my predictions.

I think the girls are so much stronger than the guys this year.  They are better trained, have more personality and are amazing performers.  Here are my thoughts on who will make it to the top 10.

  1. Hayley.  Let me just say what an opportunity for Hayley this week to be able to dance with the choreographer himself – Leonardo! Even Mary Murphy was envious!  Hayley has been consistently voted to safety so even though she isn’t the strongest among the women, I think she’ll cruise through to the top 10.
  2. Makenzie.  Consistently at the bottom 3.  Consistently saved by the judges because of her amazing performances and professionalism.  I hope America votes her to the top 10 and if not, I hope the judges do not tire of saving her.
  3. Paul.  The ever-gelled Armenian, who I admire for having the courage to take on another season of SYTYCD in a foreign country at that, has revealed himself to be a very strong contender.
  4. Aaron.  Aaron is such a revelation.  A replacement for an injured dancer (I forget his name), he proves himself worthy of his place in this season.
  5. Jasmine vs Malece vs Amy.  Ms long legs Jasmine is a also a shoo in to the top 10.  Her extensions alone deserve to be there.  But America might not agree since the voters put her at the bottom 3 this week.  Malece, ever since she Amy was early on labeled as the beast of this season and has each week proven it is deserving of a top 10 spot.  She is a strong dancer and a strong partner to Fik Shun.
  6. Alan.  The second male ballroom dancer left, who has proven that he is a very strong partner.  He probably has a strong following among the ladies, which adds to his good performances.
  7. Jenna.  The only female ballroom dancer left.  She smoulders when she’s on the dance floor proving herself as much a beast as any of the ladies.
  8. Tucker.  Tucker has been cruising relatively quietly into the top 10.  He has delivered consistently each week but I don’t think he has peaked yet.  He has a lot more to give, I believe and all that may be revealed come the top 10 performances.
  9. Fik-Shun vs Nico.  I can’t decide between the technical dancer and the performer.  Fik-shun has been lucky to be paired with a great dancer – Amy.  It is a testament to the choreographers that Fik-shun’s lack of technical training hasn’t really caused any mishaps so far.  But kudos also to him for always giving his heart to each dance.  Nico, on the other hand, hasn’t yet shown what he is capable of.  His performances thus far aren’t memorable.  If he doesn’t step up next week, he won’t make it to the top 10.

Also, Anna Kendrick, the Tony, Oscar and Golden globe nominee Anna Kendrick, was just amazing and fun and funny as a guest judge! More of her please! =)


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