Posted: August 14, 2013 in mission, news, personal
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Fear- and tear-inducing footage of the tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011.  You should watch the video to see how powerful Mother Nature can be.

The initial 3 minutes of the video shows the almost empty river, obviously the water has receded.  Sirens, announcements are blaring in the background.  I assume that people are being asked to move to a higher ground.

Then the water starts coming in and I think to myself, maybe this is town is very far from the places I saw on TV that were totally immersed in flood and debris.  But for 15 minutes, water kept on rushing.  The water in the river rose and rose until it overflowed into the streets and then into the nearby playground.  And then the water brought in small debris, and then cars and boats and finally houses!

It is just heartbreaking to watch.  I can just imagine what the Japanese people felt while they were seeing their homes, their lives being swept away by the strong rush of water and debris.  But surprisingly, there’s no wailing, no shouting, no panicking.  Everyone remained calm.  I think I even heard a bit of laughter in the background.  I admire these people for their resilience, for their strength.  God bless them.

And that’s not the end of it.  From somewhere across the river, black smoke.  There’s fire.  Amidst all the water, fire.  It’s actually expected since the water brought along a lot of debris and destroyed a lot of fixtures even gas pipes possibly.  But no one can do anything about the fire.  Not when the water is that high and moving that fast.  So the fire intensified until it’s consuming almost the entire town.

Oh what devastation!

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