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Getting Ready for "Harry Potter July"

I have read the Harry Potter Series more than 5 times already and will probably read it again soon before the Deathly Hallows movie comes out. Initially, I wasn’t really into the series. I was even criticizing some of my friends for being hooked. But when my brother bought the first three books, i just couldn’t resist opening the first book. Just a look, I thought, to satisfy my curiosity, to find out what the fuss was all about.

But then, the story of the boy with the scar, living in the cupboard under the stairs on #4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, piqued my interest and I couldn’t bring the book down, not for food, not for water, not even for a shower (yuck!). But that was how engrossed I was. I was done with the book in a few hours, long before my brother even started it. I was even done with all three before he could finish the first one.

Every year, I would wait for the next book. I would get mad at JK Rowling for being too slow in writing the next one. I wanted to learn the soonest what’ll happen to Harry, Ron and Hermione. I just couldn’t wait.

And then they released the first of the movies. Since it was years after I have read the first one, I HAD to read it again. I wanted to remember every detail of the Philosopher’s Stone (aka Sorcerer’s Stone, depending on where you’re at) so I could see how faithful the movie was to the book. I did this every time a new movie in the series comes out.

The Harry Potter hype was so much that majority of my classmates in medical school were also into it. In fact, we, as a class may have known more about Harry Potter than pathology, physiology or anatomy! There was even a Harry Potter quiz show that the Student Council conducted. I was such a Harry Potter nerd then (yeah right! haha) that I headed the committee that prepared the questions!

I really love reading all kinds of books, not just Harry Potter and have always found the time before. However, lately, I have become more and more addicted to the internet (twitter, facebook, tennis sites, etc) leaving me no more time for my books. I hope to re-connect with them again soon. I still have a ton in line, waiting to be read.