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Apple Addict

Posted: December 25, 2010 in personal, technology
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I am addicted to both the apple fruit (I have one almost everyday) and the apple gadgets. But it’s the gadget that I am talking about here. I have an ipod, an iphone and a macbook pro.Okay, I don’t have every apple gadget in the world and I only recently started with the apple collection but still…

Aside from the 3 apple gadgets I own, my sister and I gave our parents an ipad for Christmas. Not one each, no. Just a single unit that they could both use. My dad will use it to surf the net and monitor his stocks and my mom to play games (and by games, I mean plants vs. zombies). My sister and I taught them how to use it yesterday.  They are still getting the hang of it but sooner or later, they’ll probably be addicted to it just as I am.

Anyway, so I was ‘cleaning’ my iphone – getting rid of rarely used apps. I have downloaded more than 500 iphone apps already and have really put the ‘folders’ (thanks to iOS4) to good use.  My 32 GB is close to its limit and is functioning ever so slowly each day.

I use about a maximum of 50 of the iphone apps regularly. I probably open the other 40-50 once every week. A good 150 of them I have already decided to be useless once I’d tried them. The rest, I have yet to open. So it was a BIG task trying to rid of some of the apps. I didn’t wanna mass delete applications, although that would have probably been therapeutic somehow. I wanted to check out each app, try and use it and decide whether it is worth having or not. Most of the apps are games so my decisions were mostly based on the apps’ entertainment value.

So far, I have deleted about 50 of them.  And so far, I have become addicted to 5 of those I’ve tried only today – Field Runners, Catapult Madness, Cat Physics, Slice it, and Ultimate Brain Workout. Gaaaah. My battery runs out after 10 hours of continuous play especially since I am on wifi so I can connect to Apple’s Game Center.

There’s going to be a lot of sleepless nights with all these games but at least I already got rid of a few of the useless apps and had freed some space on my iphone. =)


BIG apple news

Posted: November 16, 2010 in news, technology
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Is that it?  That’s the BIG news from apple?

Please tell me this is not ALL of it.  Please tell me there’s something more! Please tell me I did not just get excited over Beatles being on iTunes.

I wanna scream!  Is there no software update? No new gadget? No new technology? Great! Boo apple for making us drool so much and then leaving us drowning in it! Boo 20x! Boo!

Apple’s BIG news

Posted: November 15, 2010 in technology
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There’s something BIG happening with iTunes tomorrow.  I have no idea what it is.  iTunes has just updated recently so it’s probably not that.  The iPad has an upgrade in line so it might be that. Or maybe Apple is launching some new system of buying music, movies and apps? Well, all these are guesses.  What is certain is that something BIG is happening tomorrow.  Apple fans like me are surely excited about it.

So that’ll be 11pm Philippine time?  Can’t wait!

Love, love, love this!  I’m getting my new mac mini soon, I hope.  Then a wireless keyboard and this trackpad!  Woohoo!  Now, the only problem is money.  How easy is it to rob a bank?  Or maybe apply for a job at MWSS.  Wait!  Damn! PNoy is on to them already.  Nuninuninu…