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Posted: August 14, 2013 in mission, news, personal
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Fear- and tear-inducing footage of the tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011.  You should watch the video to see how powerful Mother Nature can be.

The initial 3 minutes of the video shows the almost empty river, obviously the water has receded.  Sirens, announcements are blaring in the background.  I assume that people are being asked to move to a higher ground.

Then the water starts coming in and I think to myself, maybe this is town is very far from the places I saw on TV that were totally immersed in flood and debris.  But for 15 minutes, water kept on rushing.  The water in the river rose and rose until it overflowed into the streets and then into the nearby playground.  And then the water brought in small debris, and then cars and boats and finally houses!



Rainy season has started and with the kind of maintenance the government is doing to the drainage system of the metro, waterproof boots seems like a very good investment.

Typhoon Falcon has just visited the Philippines and has brought with it massive volumes of rain.  And with the clogged drainage in all of the National Capital Region due to poor maintenance and blatant throwing of garbage everywhere and anywhere, waters not only in rivers and creeks rose but in the streets as well.  Actually, these boots, no matter how sturdy and durable are useless in some areas because waters tend to rise to more than 2 meters.  Scary, I know.  But with the kind of response the Philippines activates for preventing these things from happening, it is not shocking news.  In fact, it is expected.

The Philippines has already suffered the effects of massive floods, thanks to the record-breaking downpour brought by Typhoon Ondoy in 2009.  The Filipinos as a nation rose and helped all those affected.  There were stories of heroic acts heard all over.  The senate and congress has questioned the experts to try and find solutions for the disaster.  But a few weeks after, when the media coverage has died down, all efforts of preventing another “Ondoy” from happening also fizzled.  And now, Typhoon Falcon, which has rains less than half the volume brought by Ondoy, was still able to inflict a lot of damage.  The damage was not as much as Ondoy’s but still much of the devastation are is preventable.  IF ONLY THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING ITS JOB.  IF ONLY YOU DO NOT THROW YOUR TRASH ANYWHERE.

Yes, though the government is much to blame, they are not the only ones to blame.  Each of you who did not take the time to find a trash can for that candy wrapper, you are responsible as well!  This is the nth time already!  Will we ever really learn?  Or will we just continue digging our graves?

Anyway, I will probably buy the waterproof boots next week from Timbaland.  That is, if I don’t see a better one beforehand.

Tomorrow at 8:30 pm (Philippine time or +8 GMT time) is Earth Hour.  I have been a part of it for 3 years now.  And again, as in every year, I am urging everyone to be part of it.  Let us dedicate this hour, just an hour at the very least, for our dear planet earth.  It’s very little sacrifice compared to the ginormous benefits we can get from just turning our lights off for 60 minutes.  Here’s El Nido Resorts’ pledge for Earth Hour:

Let’s join El Nido and the rest of the world in this momentous occasion.

But why stop there?  The environment badly needs us.  Everything that has happened recently – earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, New Zealand, Japan and Myanmar; (more…)

I hope the increased incidence of earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis and other calamities are just signs of great technological advancement.  I hope it all just means that we have improved our equipment so much that everything is detected.  I hope it just means that we have improved news reporting and communication so much that we are so much more aware of everything that is happening all around the world.

I hope it doesn’t mean that mother earth is making us feel her wrath for all the damage we have done to her so far. I hope it doesn’t mean that global warming is now so critical, disturbances in weather, sea levels and plates will become even more frequent.  I hope it doesn’t mean that the Mayans were right about their prediction of the end of the world.

Technological advancement or end of the world, we only have one true weapon right now, PRAYERS.  Whatever religion, whichever Almighty Being we believe in, let us all pray for the world, for us, for everyone’s sake.

The devastation in Japan, in pictures c/o The New York Times.

What a great way to promote the beauty of the Philippines!  There are 7,107 reasons to love the Philippines and some of them are featured in this promo by the World Wildlife Fund starring  Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, the National Ambassadors.

Let’s keep the world awesome!  Let’s keep the Philippines awesome!  I love the Philippines.  Boom De Yada

Sa Nayon

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I was in Central Luzon last June.  It’s business.  But I tried to squeeze in as much leisure as I could.  I stayed at home with my family for the entire week instead of checking in a hotel.  Although our house was a little far, at least in terms of distance (30 minutes travel in the province brings you 30-40km away, so unlike Manila where 30 minutes is just a few blocks away), at least I get to spend more time with my family whom I only occasionally see.  My week stay was fun, relaxing and really filling for the heart, soul and tummy. =)

the fields...

..are alive...

...with the sound...


Kudos to DoH

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You have probably seen this on TV recently:

“Ang ____ ay hindi gamot at hindi dapat gamiting panggamot sa anumang uri ng sakit”

The Department of Health Philippines has recently released an administrative order requiring all food/dietary supplements to carry this phrase in all their ads, labels or marketing materials.  This is to remind the public that these products cannot be and should not be used for treating diseases.

DoH has also strengthened warnings regarding the use of cigarettes.  Graphic (read: nasty) warnings will now be required in all labels of cigarettes aloong with text warnings of the effects of cigarettes.  This is long overdue!  I hate smoke.  I hate cigarettes.  I hate that a lot of people die because of its effects.  And I hate it even more that it not only affects the smokers but everyone around them also.  Here is a sample of the graphic:

And here is the official statement from DoH courtesy of ABS-CBN news.