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Summer vacation

Posted: March 29, 2013 in food, fun, travel
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Summer is already here. I have been too busy with work the past few months and I haven’t really taken any long breaks so far. The holy week is the first long break after Christmas and I have taken advantage of it.  The pictures above were taken with my samsung galaxy note 2 during the Christmas vacation last year. We went home to Cagayan for Christmas and visited my dad’s hometown. It was a respite from all the pollution in Manila. Flowers, trees and fresh air! Ah, the provincial life.

I experience this simple, refreshing just once in a while, only when there are long holidays at work. There used to be so much more of these with the past president but PNoy is intent on implementing his ‘tuwid na daan” program and refuses to move around the holidays to create long weekends, which we, the middle working class, can use to go home to our respective provinces.

Anyway, so I went home this Holy week to Nueva Ecija, my mom’s hometown.  It was, as is always the case, a gastronomic fest.  My parents have their own little farm. Not fancy.  Not the haciendero type of thing but they have more than enough livestock, fruits and vegetables for their daily consumption.  Everything is fresh. The vegetables, the eggs, the chicken, the fruits!

For Good Friday, since meat is not allowed, we had to catch fish from the fish pond. But aside from the fish, there were tiny freshwater shrimps too!  Look at that catch!



So we had grilled fish and shrimp for lunch and sinigang for dinner! Yumyumyum! This gastronomic feast goes on for two more days! I have already gained a pound or two and will perhaps gain some more. Haha.. I better go back to the gym to dance all these calories off when I get back to Manila!


Belly Good

Posted: January 23, 2013 in personal
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Ugh. I am getting fat. Not fat yet. But you know, on my way there.  Haha…  I have probably gained about 4 kilograms already since the holidays and am still putting on more and more each day. I have been a glutton these past few weeks plus I’ve not had my usual exercise (dancing) for a few weeks now.

I am far from being obese. At least, that’s what I am hoping. Wait, let me make sure of that… Lemme get my calculator to compute for my BMI (body mass index)… Oooppsss.. Apparently, I am nearly there. MY BMI is at 22.8. That’s still on the normal side but just two tenths shy of being overweight by Asian standards.  If I gain another kilogram, I’d already be considered overweight!!!! Nooooooo!

I have got to exercise and eat better! I have got to! Ugh. And I was planning to eat one more donut. At 10pm! Yeah. Unhealthy. Hahaha. But the donuts are begging me to devour them. The box says they (the donuts) are at their best up to three days from date of purchase. Last day tomorrow! So, I do have to finish them, right? Right? hahaha

Catching Up

Posted: March 21, 2011 in personal
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The day started out slow – waking up sluggish and tired from too many sleepless nights with my neck and back aching like an old man with osteoarthritis.  I had very few things planned.  It’s Sunday anyway.  They say you are supposed to rest and just be grateful for all the things that has come your way.  It was already 9 in the morning and I wasn’t feeling like getting up from and leaving my pillows lonely on my comfortable bed.  It was still too early to get up, for a weekend at least (based on my standards, of course).  So I stayed nestled under the covers snuggling with my pillows while reading tweets from the night before.

I got up after an hour, thirsty and hungry.  But after rummaging through my fridge and cupboard, I was only able to find choc-nut, a brand of peanut milk chocolate candy.  Too lazy to call for food delivery, more so to cook, I decided to just stuff myself with the choc-nut.

When I finally summoned enough energy, I proceeded with more tweeting and facebooking while watching some downloaded shows.  A few minutes after Thia Megia’s performance on American Idol Season 10, while Jennifer Lopez was criticizing her for not utilizing her whole potential as a singer, my phone rang.  My friend, A.L. called inviting me to lunch.


Coca-cola Happiness Truck

Posted: March 6, 2011 in fun
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A feel good video that will surely bring a smile to your face.  Unexpected gifts really bring joy to everyone.  Kudos to the Coca-cola team for coming up with this idea.  To more smiles.. =)

refreshingly fresh

Posted: March 4, 2011 in fun, music, tv
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She’s all over EDSA.  She’s been the cover of almost every magazine in the Philippines.  She’s on almost every commercial segment of every show.  She’s Anne Curtis Smith or simply Anne Curtis – a beautiful, sexy, talented young actress and a frustrated singer.  But she proves everyone wrong with this refreshingly fresh commercial of  a brand of soap.

I find both the song and Anne’s voice equally soothing and fresh.  It’s one of my recent LSS’s – last song syndrome (a song you last heard that just won’t stop playing in your head).  But this is a good LSS.  And it comes with a refreshing image of Anne too.  Music to the soul indeed.