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BIG apple news

Posted: November 16, 2010 in news, technology
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Is that it?  That’s the BIG news from apple?

Please tell me this is not ALL of it.  Please tell me there’s something more! Please tell me I did not just get excited over Beatles being on iTunes.

I wanna scream!  Is there no software update? No new gadget? No new technology? Great! Boo apple for making us drool so much and then leaving us drowning in it! Boo 20x! Boo!

A very bad thing happened in Manila, Philippines today.  A disgruntled cop who was fired from his job has taken a tourist bus hostage today.  There were at least 5 dead including the hostage taker himself.  The news was all over – local TV stations, international news networks, twitter, facebook, AM radio and I am sure in a lot more venues.  It has been sensationalized so much everyone all around the world is probably talking about it.  It has been such a big deal, it may even become the topic for the question and answer portion in Miss Universe which I heard is happening sometime this week.

It is a big deal.  Lives were put at stake.  Actually, several innocent lives have ended as a result.  My first thought when I heard of the situation was “No to guns.  No to violence.  No to weapons.”  And I still stand by it.  There should be no exceptions.  If we really want peace, then we should not encourage things that are designed for violence.  Anyway, guns and violence are points of debate for another time.

I understand how appalled everyone is of what happened.  Some are even saying they are embarrassed to be called Filipinos because of it.  Why?  Why should we be embarrassed to be called Filipinos?  Why are we so defensive about what happened?  Do we think so lowly of other nations we immediately conclude that they will generalize that all Filipinos are like that hostage taker?  Do we think so lowly of ourselves, our nation, that we immediately conclude that this ONE incident will define our country?


Globe is now promoting the iphone 4 in their website!  I also received an advisory thru SMS.  Those who are interested to be the first to hear news about availability of the iphone 4 may register on their site.  However, they haven’t committed on when the iphone 4 will be available.  Excited as I am about owning an iphone 4, I still have a lot of apprehensions, though.

There are a lot of issues that have been identified with the first release of the iphone 4 and my obsessive-compulsive self might not be able to handle them.  The most controversial issue is probably about the iphone’s antenna.  They said that holding it in a certain way results in signal loss.  Apple has taken every means to counter this by citing various statistics, which somehow, I think, only prolonged the issue.   Apple has even published in their website an explanation of how signal strength is calculated and how they have painstakingly tested each and every one of their products and ensured that they are fully functional.  Here’s a part of their explanation: (more…)

twitter downtime

Posted: August 1, 2010 in news, technology
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Twitter has scheduled maintenance for today at 2pm which will last for approximately five hours.  Whatever will I do for 5 hours?  Addict much? Hahaha..

Read twitter’s official statement here.


330pm:  It’s been an hour. Twitter is still down. I wanna tweet, tweet, tweet!

430pm: twitter is back….more than 2 hours downtime.. hope they fixed everything.. no more stupid white whales and such..

440pm: well, it seems I spoke too soon…  they probably still have some issues to resolve.  i still saw the caterpillar (?).  Well, they said 5 hours in their advisory, so I have no right to complain yet.  Besides, I have been asking them to do this – close down twitter for a few hours and resolve all the issues and upgrade their system.  Hope they are doing just that.  And I am crossing my fingers that they will unveil something new to twitter.

Love, love, love this!  I’m getting my new mac mini soon, I hope.  Then a wireless keyboard and this trackpad!  Woohoo!  Now, the only problem is money.  How easy is it to rob a bank?  Or maybe apply for a job at MWSS.  Wait!  Damn! PNoy is on to them already.  Nuninuninu…