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Noon at Ngayon (Then and Now)

Posted: April 3, 2011 in tv
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I was supposed to do this months ago, around October, or maybe earlier but one distraction after another pushed this draft further and further into my non-priorities. Anyway, back then, ABS-CBN was airing promos for an upcoming remake of a very successful soap opera from the 90s.  The original and new cast were doing this bit – stating their name and their character from the soap opera.  Here’s a clip:

A lot of jokes and parodies came out of this catchy promo.  A lot of people also came up with their own versions of introducing themselves using the ‘then and now’ bit.  I know I had something in mind then but I forget now.  Anyways, I just wanna share it just the same.  Even if it’s months late.  Anyway, I think Mara Clara is still on-going. (more…)

refreshingly fresh

Posted: March 4, 2011 in fun, music, tv
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She’s all over EDSA.  She’s been the cover of almost every magazine in the Philippines.  She’s on almost every commercial segment of every show.  She’s Anne Curtis Smith or simply Anne Curtis – a beautiful, sexy, talented young actress and a frustrated singer.  But she proves everyone wrong with this refreshingly fresh commercial of  a brand of soap.

I find both the song and Anne’s voice equally soothing and fresh.  It’s one of my recent LSS’s – last song syndrome (a song you last heard that just won’t stop playing in your head).  But this is a good LSS.  And it comes with a refreshing image of Anne too.  Music to the soul indeed.

Another quality soap opera from the Kapamilya network. It’s dramatic, action-packed and intense!  Truly the definition of quality.  But what can you expect but the best from its cast of characters: Jericho Rosales, Anne Curtis, Jake Cuenca and Alessandra deRossi.

Goosebumps, goosebumps, goosebumps just from watching the trailer.  Can’t wait for it!


Posted: December 12, 2010 in fun, music, tv
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Featuring the vocal stylings of the beautiful and talented Ms. Anne Curtis:

Mariah Carey watch out!  This is a performance for the Guinness Book of World Records!

*from the ABS-CBN noontime talent show – SHOWTIME!

That is how her tweets usually are.  Oftentimes amusing, sometimes sarcastic, always entertaining!

Physically, she is smokin’ hot! Her legs go on and on and on!  Her beauty is unmatched and her figure?  Well it could do with some ‘upgrade’, hahahaha… kidding.

Alessandra De Rossi (Alessandra Tiotangco Schiavone in real life) is a very talented actress having won numerous acting awards.  She usually gets the kontrabida (villain) roles and she is mighty effective at it.  But lately, her talents have been stretched to include comedy.  She recently starred in a 2-part series (fantasy) involving a girl with three heads. LOL. (more…)

Today, after TV Patrol, ABS-CBN Channel 2 premiered its Christmas Station ID for 2010.  The Kapamilya network never fails to produce beautiful and inspiring station IDs, be it for the summer, the rainy season or for any holiday for that matter.  Here is 2010’s Christmas Station ID reminding everyone of the greatness of the Filipinos. Aptly entitled Ngayong Pasko, Magniningning ang Pilipino (The Filipinos will shine this Christmas):

The Kapamilya Stars in the station ID all look stunning and flawless!  Everyone looks their best, as expected.  However, the absence of some of the big stars of ABS-CBN is very apparent.  There is no Kris Aquino or Sarah Geronimo.  K Brosas and Vice Ganda weren’t there as well.  And I thought that Charice Pempengco is also somewhat a star of ABS-CBN?  Mara and Clara were nowhere to be found, too. (I saw them the second time I watched it. Hehe)  I didn’t spot Karen Davila, also.

Anyway, I might be wrong.  I may need to watch the video again.  And really, it doesn’t matter that much.  With or without them, the whole video is still inspiring, don’t you think?

Just for comparison, here’s last years:

Which one do you think is better?  The old or the new?  Personally, they each have their own message to put across and both are inspiring and proudly screams of Filipino talent and character.

I just saw the first episode of #Glee! =)  It was fun but I was maybe expecting and anticipating a little more so at the end of it, I wasn’t all that excited.

I know.  It’s the first episode and they are establishing the tone for the season and introducing new characters and piecing together a good storyline but hey, last season was very good so I think it’s but right for me, for us gleeks (oh no! I can’t believe, I am calling myself one), to expect something more.

Anyway, Glee season 2 is a big deal for us Filipinos. Major, major deal, because a Filipina – Charice Pempengco, Oprah darling and singer of the hit ‘Pyramid’, has a recurring role in season 2.  She is SUNSHINE CORAZON.

Lea Salonga, another international Filipino Star said in her twitter account that the name of Charice’s character might have been a tribute to our dear president Madame Corazon Aquino (Bless her).  Pres. Cory is known for her yellow outfits.  Sunshine = yellow. =)

Charice’s appearance has been talked about in the entire Philippines not just this week but for the past months.  She was on the news because of undergoing Botox treatment for her jaw problem.  Some are saying she did that to lessen the roundness of her face.  Everyone had an opinion about it.  Anyway, seeing Charice as Sunshine Corazon really made my night. I am proud to watch her trading high notes with Lea Michele who has been ever excellent as Rachel Berry.  I wanted their duet, Telephone to extend.  Boo Sue Sylvester for breaking it off.

Charice’s solo – Listen, was good but I have heard her belt it out way better so many times before so I am kind of disappointed a little bit.  But I am hoping, and really do think, she’ll be back in a few more episodes.  I like it that she has been recruited as part of Vocal Adrenaline, which means Sunshine and Rachel will be pitted against each other a lot more.  But that also means, she may not be appearing regularly.