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I am loving this song more and more and more.  I first heard this in So You Think You Can Dance.  I think Lauren Froderman’s performance in SYTYCD S7 Vegas week made me fall in love with this song.

Lauren or LauFro was just awesome in her interpretation of the song.  The judges’ faces say it all – pure joy! Tyce DiOrio’s face, if I may say so, is orgasmic!  Hahaha… It seems like he just found Yamashita’s treasure! (more…)


So you think you can dance Vegas week never fails to make me cry.  The amount of talent there is just absurd!  It’s amazing how the judges are still able to sift out the dancers, rank each of them and determine who is and isn’t deserving to be in the show.  I am just in awe.

Watching dancer after dancer perform their heart out is just oh-so-wonderful.  Seeing them humble while recognizing the immense talents of their colleagues?  Tears.

Anthony Burrell was the first to make my eyes water when he danced as beautiful as he did despite his injured hamstring.  And he continued through the rest of the auditions with as much vigor as if pain was not there.  That’s passion!  Unfortunately, the judges did not put him through to the top 10.