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I am loving this song more and more and more.  I first heard this in So You Think You Can Dance.  I think Lauren Froderman’s performance in SYTYCD S7 Vegas week made me fall in love with this song.

Lauren or LauFro was just awesome in her interpretation of the song.  The judges’ faces say it all – pure joy! Tyce DiOrio’s face, if I may say so, is orgasmic!  Hahaha… It seems like he just found Yamashita’s treasure! (more…)

SYTYCD top 6 again

Posted: July 29, 2010 in dance, tv
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Guest Judge: Toni Redpath (ballroom expert)

Kent Boyd

Chacha with Anya – My first kiss (3oh!3 feat Ke$sha) choreographed by Jean Marq Genereaux

The judges were nitpicking. I thought Kent was great in his performance. It wasn’t as masculine as it should maybe be but he really did a very good job with it.

Solo – A song for you (Elliot Yamin)

Marvelous as always.  Not Jeanine or Brandon level but okay.


Contemporary with Kathryn – Heaven is a place on earth (Katie Thompson) choreographed by Stacey Tookey

Beyond expectations say the judges. It was a joy to watch especially the first part when the movements were so tender, so light and soft. There was a part in the middle, one of the lifts was a little ‘forced’. It didn’t flow a smoothly but I maybe the one nitpicking this time. Robert is not exactly one of my favorites.

Solo – A beautiful mess (Jason Mraz)

It was fine.  I don’t really enjoy any of the solos in general this season coz they all just keep doing the same thing.  Nice music though as Cat said from my favorite Mr. AZ.


Solo – Giant Squid (RJD2)

He rarely does anything new in his solos. Unlike the other breakers who have been on the show who does tricks after tricks after tricks, Jose is kind of boring. Just a lot of fancy and not-so-fancy footwork.

Hiphop with Comfort – Try a little tenderness (Otis Redding) choreographed by Marty Kudelka and Dana Wilson

Nigel loved the dance but not Jose’s dancing. Adam says dance the intention. I think I also get what the judges are saying but I loved it! I loved the dance. I like the ghetto-ness feel. I like that Comfort’s dress was so in contrast with the sharpness of her locking. I like the groove and the feel of the entire dance. It was a really fun dance to watch.


Jazz with Courtney – Manteca (Dizzy Gillespie) choreographed by Tyce Diorio

Too many lines almost says Nigel. Ade really needs to loosen up and really dance. It was powerful but like what the judges said, lacked style.

Solo – Pretty WIngs (Maxwell)

Wow.  That straddle jump was 10 feet high!  Very strong indeed and by strong I just mean physically.


Solo – You make me feel like A natural woman (Aretha Franklin)

As always, Lauren was beautiful and powerful and flexible (pronounced flexibul so everything rhymes. Hahaha).

Broadway with Allison – Who’s got the pain? (Damn Yankees) choreographed by Tyce Diorio

Fantastic.  Nothing to critic.  And the judges are absolutely right.  I love Lauren and she’s a fantastic dancer and she was fantastic in the routine.  Allison is there so it’s doubly fantastic!


Solo – Lights go down (Telepathe)

It was better than his previous solos.  At least it didn’t show too much of his quirky, what-the-heck-are-you-doing extensions.  But there’s still enough crazy for him to retain the title of season 7 resident nutjob.

Contemporary with Ade – Mad world (Michael Andrews feat Gary Jules) choreographed by Stacey Tookey

Sheer perfection from Mia.  Great maturity and restraint.  Magnificent.  It was a very moving routine danced beautifully by both Billy and Ade.

Broadway with Kent and Jose – From this moment on (Kiss me Kate) choreographed by Spencer Liff

Fantastic. Born to do it.  Fits like a glove.  All these comments were for KEnt.  Jose was just an after thought.  The style really suited Kent and showed off his playful personality.  His technique of course is superb which also showed how weak Jose’s was.

Foxtrot with Adechike and Lauren – Fever (Beyonce) choreographed by Jean Marq Genereaux

Nigel said it was danced more like a jazz dance rather than ballroom.  I think both did well, not perfect technically but it was respectable.  I was watching it knowing that something is wrong with Lauren because of the tweets from the All Stars so I was really concerned and worried that she might not finish the routine.  Thankfully she was able to.

Bollywood with Robert and Billy – Ganesh (Bombay Dreams) choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan

Nigel reminded the people again of Billy’s injured knee but all judges were pretty satisfied with the performance.  It was a very energetic routine.  There were some issues with synchronization in some parts but overall, okay.  Robert for me was the better dancer.



When the contestants were called to do their stunts in the beginning of the show, I immediately noticed that Alex was not around.  Oh no!  I crossed my fingers and hoped it was nothing serious.  And then, they showed the clip of the bollywood rehearsals showing Alex falling after a series of straddle jumps.  Ouch!  The worst that could have happened, Nigel says is an Achilles tendon rupture which will definitely sideline Alex for at least three months making ineligible for the competition.  Alex words when Nigel asked if he was hurting – “Only in my heart.”  Aaaawwww.  Alex, because of this, will be in the bottom three.


Lauren performed the cha-cha with Pascha to Lady Gaga’s Telephone, choreographed by Jean Marq Genereaux.  Lauren was simply smoldering on the dance floor, what with her skimpy little dress and those seductive hips!  All three judges agree that Lauren has indeed matured in her dancing and in her performance as well.


Jose danced a contemporary with Lauren, his crush, choreographed by Mandy Moore to Inxs’ Never tear us apart.  He was so into the performance.  He had great chemistry with Lauren and he produced some great lines and did some great partnering, too.  But it also helped a lot that Mandy Moore worked with what Jose can do.  The judges praise Jose for his open heart and mind, for accepting every challenge and giving his all to everything thrown at him.


Kent, with all-star Comfort did a Dave Scott hip hop to You’re not my girl by Ryan Leslie.  Kent was just okay.  He lacked the smoothness and sharpness required of the Justin-Timberlake-esque feel of the routine.  Nigel felt that Kent did well.  Mia feels that the routine worked for Kent and that he had some cool in him but not as cool as Mr. Scott.  Adam saw growth in Kent.


Adechike teams up with Courtney for some jazz from Mandy Moore, music by Dinah Washington – Is you is or is you ain’t my baby? (Rae Christian remix).  Ade was comfortable with the routine.  Nigel is surprised at how good Adechike is.  Mia disagrees with Nigel and claims that the performance was mediocre.  She says that everything else are donut holes or emptiness.  Adam thinks that Adechike didn’t get lost in the music enough and he should find a deeper connection with his partner.


Billy was supposed to be partnered with Allison for a broadway number by Spencer Lift.  However, an injury that Allison sustained weeks ago was flaring up and hampering her movements.  She had to go to the hospital to be examined.  From Allison’s site, she explained about the broken floating rib that she has and how she needs to rest it out for a week.  I learned from SYTYCDISM twitter that Katee Shean will replace Allison for the time being.  Dancing to Macavity: the mystery cat  from Cats the musical, Billy showcased his beautiful lines and turns.  Nigel says that Billy was a joy to watch.  Mia loves Billy’s performance, too.  Adam, too, feels that Billy has never connected with his partner as well as he did in this performance.


A hip hop number by Tabitha and Napoleon was given to Ashley with Dominic (Ludacris – How low). Ashley, obviously tried really hard and she was able to do dance it well but I feel that she could have hit it more and could’ve been sharper.  Nigel loved the routine.  Mia thinks Ashley danced it hardcore but feels that Ashley lacked ‘kill’ in her eyes.  Adam thinks Ashley is a quiet contender.


Robert dances Sean Cheesman jazz with Kathryn.  They are dolls gone to life who go into adventure.  The routine goes from plasticky to fluid movements.  Music is by Roisin Murphy – Sinking feeling.  In the rehearsal clip, they show Robert and Kathryn fail in an assisted tumble, which they miss again during the performance.  I don’t know if it’s the choreography or the dancing but there was something lacking.  It was a fun concept says Nigel.  He defends Robert about the things people make up about Robert being arrogant.  Mia says it was a great performance but feels it could’ve been cleaned more.  Adam feels that Robert gives a thousand percent in each performance.  I personally don’t like Robert.  There’s just something about him that I don’t agree with.  I don’t know.

Alex and Adechike

Bollywood by Nakul Dev Mahajan to Mourya re – Don the chase begins again

Since Alex is injured, Adechike dances with Mara, Nakul’s assistant.  I noticed in the routine that Adechike doesn’t have a very good center during turns and usually ends the lift with a smidge of instability.  The performance was a bit lacking, in energy especially.  Alex could’ve made the routine more exciting.  His straddle jumps though, were ridiculous and he ends with a perfect front split!.  Nigel feels that Adechike needs to stick with the specific style and needs to be a little sharper.  Mia says that Adechike’s eyes lacks focus and is not feeling the routine.  Adam says that he has power but lacks snaps or finish in the movement.

Lauren and Kent

Contemporary by Travis Wall to Collide by Howie day

Lauren and Kent are prom king and queen and also dance king and queen!  They were flawless with their lines and turns and leaps and lifts!  It was such a great routine by Travis Wall!  It was light and seemed easy but you know it’s highly technical and complicated.  And, Lauren and Kent kissed in the end.  Nigel says the routine proved 3 things: 1) That Lauren is a really good contemporary dancer; 2)  That Kent is a really good contemporary dancer and 3) That Travis is a really good contemporary choreographer.  Kent and Lauren are the ultimate in male and female dancers this season declares Nigel.  Mia says the piece was absolutely stunning.  Mia says Lauren is the perfect dancer in the routine for she showed athleticism, technique and soul and Kent is a solid dancer.  Adam summed it up in saying that he felt a little embarrassed because the performance felt really intimate and real.

Ashley and Robert

Quickstep by Jean Marq Genereaux Man with the hex by The atomic fireballs

The routine felt a little awkward, as might have been expected from two contemporary dancers doing quickstep.  Nigel feels that technically Robert can improve on his body shape but Lauren was okay.  Mia felt that they got through it and says that it wasn’t the kiss of death, more like a bad kiss perhaps.  Adam feels that the music, in reference to what Mia was saying, was more of a jive than quickstep but agrees that Ashley and Robert got through it.

Billy and Jose

African jazz by Shawn Cheesman to The hunt by Mickey Hurt

It was a yes and no.  Billy’s portrayal of the jaguar felt broadway instead of being raw and wild, says Nigel.  Jose needed more power.  Mia loved Billy’s character but felt Jose wasn’t as precise as the routine warranted.  Adam felt that Billy needed to let go of his lines and Jose should’ve given it more power.

No Anya, Twitch, Neil, Mark or Allison.

Lauren and Kent’s performance was the highlight of this episode for me.  The sad part is Alex leaves because of his injury.

So Neil and Twitch aren’t dancing this time.  Sad.  But there are 10 other All Stars who will perform!

First up is Cristina with Pasha.  They danced to a Jean Marq Paso Doble (James Dooley – Ira Deorum/Sanctus).  Of course Cristina is a ballroom dancer as well so I expected a lot from the routine.  Thankfully, they delivered.  Both dancers were passionate and fiery and sharp.  The music also helped a lot in drawing the viewer in.  Passion, fire and control is what the Paso needed says Nigel.  And that they gave.  Fabulous according to Mia.  Mucho caliente from Adam.

Adechike danced with Allison to a Mandy Moore choreography (DHT feat Edmee – Listen to Your Heart).  It’s contemporary and according to Mandy, is more of a story than a dance.  I’m sure Adechike danced well but I just coudn’t take my eyes off Allison.  She truly moves like an angel, very graceful, very elegant, so full of passion.  Major improvement says Nigel but there should be a smoother flow of the movements.  Tap more into that joy at a much more consistent level instructs Mia.  Dance is an art form but is also a heart form.  Don’t dance from your head says Adam.  Let go.

Alex and Lauren performs a broadway number by Tyce DiOrio, fosse style.  The fosse style is quiet power according to Tyce and Alex did bring quiet power into the dance as well as his arsenal of perfectly executed ponches, jumps and kicks.  I feel like Alex could have danced it more masculine?  But other than that, it was good.  Nigel says Alex needs to work hard in doing other genres.  It was lacking a little in style says Mia.  Adam talks about how every movement was at 11, everything is just flash and no smolder.


As it happens.  Watch the first competition day of So You Think You Can Dance Season 7.

Billy danced a broadway piece by Tyce D’Orio with Lauren.  Fast routine.  Danced well but I feel that Billy could have given more.

Cristina is partnered with Mark Kanemura.  They’ll be doing a Sonya Tyre routine.  Jazz.  Music and choreography is typical Sonya.  Stylized jazz.  Crazy-twisted.  Lotsa head rolls.  Not so catchy though.  But it was nice to see Mark doing Sonya’s choreography again!  Remember the garden routine with Courtney Galiano?  Judges were happy with it… (more…)