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My First…

Posted: May 3, 2013 in personal
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It’s about 10 days after my first hospital admission and first surgery. I am doing well but not yet back to my regular self. There’s still a bit of pain on the surgical sites when doing certain daily activities but I am generally good and feeling great.

Back in January, about the last week of the month, I had my annual general physical examination, which was required by the company I work for. I had the usual tests for my age group but I also complained of another matter, one that has been plaguing me for a year now. The doctor advised further examinations including an ultrasound of the entire abdomen.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the ultrasound revealed a glaring 1.3 cm mass in my gall bladder. I got worried.  A mass is a mass. No matter the circumstances (I am young, a non-smoker, non-alcoholic beverage drinker, and I exercise regularly), as long as it has not been declared benign and safe, we always think of the possibility of the big C.

My being a doctor may have made matters worse. I know where to get more information so I did.  And the more information I read, the more grim everything became.  Studies reveal that solitary gall bladder masses with size greater than 1 cm have a higher chance of being malignant (i.e. cancerous).

I consulted my doctor-friends about it and they reassured me. I didn’t have the symptoms nor the danger signs of the big C so I need not worry, they all said.  I consulted experts in the field and they shared the same opinion.  They also advised laparoscopic cholecystectomy – surgical removal of the gall bladder using scopes.  It is a much more expensive but safer option (versus an open surgery, which requires a bigger incision and therefore longer recovery time).  It is a fairly common procedure and there are already a lot of experts here in the Philippines.

So the date of the surgery was set.  I was to be admitted for the first time in my life and undergo my first surgery on April 25.  You see, it took me a long time before I finally decided to have the surgery done.  I initially just wanted to observe, do a series of ultrasounds to monitor if the mass grew. Work, also, got in the way.  I couldn’t really think about what I needed to do because I was swamped with problems to solve, decisions to make, and meetings to attend.  I also had to consider the schedule of my sister who I asked to take care of me post-surgery. (more…)