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SYTYCD 10 Top 10

Posted: August 3, 2013 in dance, tv
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Yes.  It’s still two more weeks until the top 10 dancers are revealed but as early as now, I would like to make my predictions.

I think the girls are so much stronger than the guys this year.  They are better trained, have more personality and are amazing performers.  Here are my thoughts on who will make it to the top 10.

  1. Hayley.  Let me just say what an opportunity for Hayley this week to be able to dance with the choreographer himself – Leonardo! Even Mary Murphy was envious!  Hayley has been consistently voted to safety so even though she isn’t the strongest among the women, I think she’ll cruise through to the top 10.
  2. Makenzie.  Consistently at the bottom 3.  Consistently saved by the judges because of her amazing performances and professionalism.  I hope America votes her to the top 10 and if not, I hope the judges do not tire of saving her.
  3. Paul.  The ever-gelled Armenian, who I admire for having the courage to take on another season of SYTYCD in a foreign country at that, has revealed himself to be a very strong contender. (more…)

first elimination, SYTYCD 10

Posted: July 4, 2013 in dance, tv
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They changed it last year, in season 9.  They were only given one night every week for the show.  Same goes for this year. Just one night to showcase all these dance talents! But they changed the order of presentation.  They moved the elimination to the beginning of the show. And that changed everything. It changed the mood. It changed the dynamic. It changed the feel of the entire episode.

On the one hand, the professionalism of the dancers was brought to light. On the other hand, it was quite a challenge for everyone to contain their emotions after learning the news and still managed to give it their best, as they should.

The camera work on this particular episode was also a bit messy.  There were several shots that were out of focus. Some of the camera men also seemed to have forgotten their blocking (if that’s what you call it).

So far, after 2 nights of performance, nothing has really evoked as much a reaction as the statue dance of Marko and Melanie or any of the dances of Katie and Joshua yet.  I favor a few dancers but no one has danced a really memorable routine yet.

I love Mackenzie! Her feet are really amazing. She points her toes like there’s no tomorrow.  Aaron and Jasmine H is the couple to beat so far.  Fikshun and Amy are cute. Jasmine M and Alan are also contenders.

I am excited for the coming weeks. I do hope they revert to the old format and hold the eliminations towards the end of the show.  I know that the better routines are still to come and I am looking forward to them.

The Voice Season 4

Posted: March 30, 2013 in fun, tv
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When the show “The Voice” first aired. I immediately took to its format. It was refreshing, different from the rest of the singing competitions.  But I didn’t like the judges they chose.  Well, I like Adam Levine. I didn’t know Blake Shelton then but eventually, his funny antics and comments made me like him, too. It was Ceelo that I thought was off as a judge. But that’s just me. And while Christina Aguilera can easily out-sing anyone, in the battle of the pop stars, I still prefer Britney over her.

So in the fourth installment of The Voice, Usher and Shakira were very welcome changes to the judge line up.  The dynamics, chemistry among the four was way better. It was fun to watch the banter, the exchange of playful jibes.

But I only do enjoy The Voice during the blind auditions.  I don’t really quite understand why they have to pit their chosen singers against each other. Let’s see if this season will be able to capture my attention till the very end of the season…

Tadd challenged me on twitter to guess which article of clothing he is wearing for this show is from his shopping during their recent day-off.  So I am really all eyes on tonight’s performances, not that I would need any encouragement because we all know that So You Think You Can Dance is simply the best dance show ever! =)

So there are four judges in the panel to critique the top 16.  Mary and Nigel are of course permanent fixtures in the judges table but for this week, Kristin Chenoweth and Lil C brought additional perspective for the show.

Aside from the duets, the dancers are also performing group numbers.  They were divided into two groups.  The partners were separated from each other giving them an opportunity to dance with other people.

The first group consist of Ryan, Sasha, Clarice, Miranda, Tadd, Mitchell, Marko and Chris.  They performed a Tyce DiOrio broadway number (Ray Charles, Hit the Road Jack).  The second group of couse is Jordan, Ashley, Melanie, Caitlynn, Ricky, Jess, Alexander and Robert.  They had contemporary by Dee Caspery (The Civil Wars – Poison and Wine).  Both routines were amazing!

Prior to each duet, the dancers are asked about their first performances ever.

  1. Sasha, as a child was a tomboy and rarely hangs with girls.  She loves playing sports with the guys.  In her first ever performance, she was a frog in thumbelina, sporting a green leotard.  Alexander sports the same hairdo as his younger self.  His first ever performance was when he was 6, during his birthday party, performing tribute to the lion with his cousins as back up dancers.  They had contemporary by Dee Caspary (Cary Brothers – Belong).  Sasha just has a lot of grace, lightness and fluidity to her movement (This was apparent even in their hiphop routine last week).  And as always, I barely noticed Alexander because of Sasha’s dominating presence.
  2. Caitlynn was also a tomboy when she was a little kid – playing outside with the dirt but in her pretty little dress, which her mom asks her to wear.  She performed the duck dance in her blue sequined blouse and yellow short jumpsuit in her first ever performance.  Mitchell was an animated “model” in front of the camera.  He was a late bloomer in dance, performing his first dance on stage when he was 16.  They had samba by Jean Marc Genereaux (Alicia Keys and Beyonce – Put it in a Love Song).  I don’t know what happened with Caitlynn and Mitchell’s performance.  They were certainly moving their hips right and powering with their feet but the routine still did not feel right.  It seemed like they were both lost on stage even if they were doing all the steps right.  Or maybe I just didn’t like the music because it wasn’t traditional samba music.  The judges surely liked it, so maybe it really was the music. (more…)

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Grand Finals

Posted: June 25, 2011 in tv
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It started out with a Pinoy-inspired number with Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil.

  1. Freestylers.  We call it “buwis-buhay” performance in Filipino (death-defying).  They did stunt after stunt after stunt.  Each stunt defying the laws of gravity.  The dance parts though were not that strong.  They weren’t as synchronized as they should be.  Also, the stunts weren’t quite original but kudos to them for being able to do it.
  2. DJP Trio.  These kids are amazing.  The blending of their voices is truly remarkable.  I think there was a problem with the audio though – the background music was a tad too loud compared with their voices.
  3. Happy feet.  These siblings are simply cute.  They didn’t have formal training at all in tap dance but that’s the talent they showcased.  They weren’t able to do the technical aspects of tap dance but they gave a wonderful performance nonetheless.
  4. John Michael Narag.  This is a singer with a big voice.  He sings dramatically and with so much passion, sometimes, with too much even that his right eye seems to be popping out.
  5. Baguio Boom Boom Boom.  This is a group of 4 boys doing hip hop.  They were solid the previous rounds but tonight everything was off – not synchronized, steps not memorized, costume is distracting.
  6. Rico the Magician.  The only magician in the top 14. Amazing performance but the 2 tricks, although, really thought provoking and awesome, were a little too few.
  7. Madrigal Siblings.  The nationalistic trio.  Their blending is better than the DJP trio.
  8. Marcelito Pomoy.  He does a female singing voice so well singing ‘The Prayer” with both the tenor and soprano voices!  Araneta Coliseum gave him a standing ovation for his outstanding performance.
  9. Filogram.  This group of dancers had a solid performance but their routine lacked appeal to the general audience. The routine was simple-looking and did not encourage shrieks of appreciation from the audience.
  10. Buildex Pagales.  He supposedly is the Bruno Mars of the Philippines. He sang ‘The Lazy Song.’  There were a lot of sharps/flats during his singing but he relies so much on his charm so he’ll probably still get a lot of votes.
  11. Neil and Beth.  The only ballroom dancers in the competition.  They weren’t amazing technically but their performance was utterly entertaining.  The costume change was really unexpected but not necessarily original.  One of the better performances of the night.
  12. Jem Cubil.  Another crooner relying on his cute face.  Not a very good choice of song.
  13. Skeights.  The band lead singer looked and sounded quite nervous.  The band didn’t sound that tight too.
  14. Angel.  She hoola-hooped with fire but somehow the performance was a little lackluster.  She seemed in a hurry to get from one trick to another.  Also, her routine did not have very smooth transitions.

My top 3 performances: Marcelito, Neil-Beth and Rico the magician.