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Majority have experienced hunger for one reason or another.  A doctor could be in a surgery for 10 hours straight without food.  A taxi driver could skip a meal to save money.  An admin assistant may delay lunch for a few hours because his/her boss demands that the 100-page manuscript be photocopied and delivered to the client without delay.  A beauty pageant candidate may choose to skip meals to maintain her small waist hours before the swimsuit competition.  A patient due for surgery the following morning may be ordered on ‘non per orem’ (NPO) or no food/water intake hours prior to a medical procedure.

The hunger we experience (or those in the above situations) has either been a personal decision or imposed by someone else.  But the hunger could be relieved at anytime, at our own choosing.

Well, this is not the case for some of our fellow Filipinos.  Statistics show that “every 7 seconds, 1 hungry child dies.”  These children did not choose to be hungry.  They are not hungry because they want to save money.  No, 4 million Filipino families live on a meager P42 every day.  They are not hungry because they are on a diet.  They are not hungry because they are due for a medical procedure.  They definitely are not hungry because their bosses want something done ASAP.

In an effort to raise more awareness on the extent of famine in the country, World Vision , an international child-focused organization, led the “Famine” program, “a global youth movement against hunger that gathers young people from across the world to go without food for a given number of hours as a sign of their radical fight against hunger.”

In the Philippines, the 12-hour famine was more than a success.  More than 2,500 youth signed up and over 1,000 actually joined the rally along with  some of Philippines’ biggest stars.

Renowned broadcaster and World Vision Goodwill Ambassador Karen Davila - "If the students are involved, then you have a movement of young people that want to change the world and feed younger people. Raising funds can happen as long as you have a group of students who are serious about feeding children and stopping hunger."

Singer, actress, TV host and World Vision ambassador for the Youth Nikki Gil - “What‟s 12 hours to go without food if it can help save a child‟s life...What we‟re doing now is not in vain!”