dancing again

Posted: July 5, 2013 in dance, fun, personal
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I am learning a new dance, a challenging one, for me at least. This is something that I haven’t done in quite a while now. It’s tough. But it’s fun. And exciting. And painful. And I am loving every second of it.

My knees are sore from all the kneeling that’s required in the dance. My back is aching from all the arching and contracting that I have to do. My neck hurting from whipping my head left and right, up and down. But despite all these aches and pains that I feel, I am still excited, very much looking forward to the next dance session on Tuesday.

Four nights! I still have to wait four nights to learn the choreography to the next part of the song.  We’re dancing ‘Try’ by Pink.  The choreography is somewhat lyrical, somewhat contemporary. We’re not professional dancers though so there are no acrobatics like those in Pink’s video.  I can’t do even a quarter of the tricks she and her partner did in the music video.  Our choreography is simple. But we’re trying to inject as much emotion and passion into the dance even with just raising the hand or contracting the torso or whipping the head from left to right.

Ahhh! The adrenaline, the endorphins that flow through every fiber of my being when I dance. It’s marvelous! It feels so great, lifting me up from the foul mood I was in these past few days.  I love dance. I love to dance. I will dance some more… haha

Here’s Pink’s video

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