In the original Japanese release of Naruto, “(Da)ttebayo!” ((だ)ってばよ!) is Naruto Uzumaki‘s catch phrase. He uses it at the end of most of his sentences as a way of making his speech unique.

naruto wikia

Dattebayo has no actual meaning.  It merely is an expression associated with my favorite Japanese anime character, Naruto.  Dattebayo, the blog, is a collection of random ideas, images and videos on dance, travels and life.  It will dabble about anything and everything on earth that I find exciting or intriguing or maybe just worth sharing.  A lot of it will be mostly dance-related.  I may be a doctor by profession but at heart, I am mostly a dancer.

This was taken in Sulug Island in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

I really do love traveling and taking pictures of beautiful places.  I respect and appreciate the beauty and power of nature and am an advocate of the environment!  I would like to preserve, as much as possible, the pristine magnificence of mother earth.

This is the 'washing machine' waves of Batanes - the northernmost province of the Philippines! The background picture of my site also features the magnificent pristine blue waters of Batanes. Too bad the pictures cannot portray how strong and big the waves really are.

I enjoy good food especially in the company of good friends.  I love to laugh.  I may not readily laugh at my mistakes or foolishness but I also do not take myself so seriously.  I enjoy adventure.  I like to have fun.  I am a type A personality but I’d like to think that I am the cheerful, relaxed kind.  I like moving and I like movement but I also take pleasure in being a couch potato.

I love to dance. I try and do almost all genres of dance. I know just a little of everything but not enough to land me a spot in so you think you can dance. =) I don't have a technical background in dance, though. most of what I know, I learned from friends and from watching shows like SYTYCD, DWTS and ABDC and Youtube videos.

There’s still so much more about me and about this blog so why don’t you read my thoughts to find out more.

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