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Here are the five champions from America’s Best Dance Crew according to how dope their performance was during the ABDC Champions for Charity.

First off, the season 2 champion: Super Crew – They were good with  a lot of trick but I don’t think they were very creative in how they incorporated their stunts in the routine.  The little kid is way cool! At that age and with all those stunts, this kid is going to be someone in the dance community in the future. Actually, he may already have made a name for himself young as he is.

Tied at the bottom with the Super Crew is the Poreotrix, season 5 winners.  Their routine was entertaining, but it lacked the stunts that would make their performance really stand out.  Their tutting was a tad slow as compared to how the other crews do it.

Smack in the middle are the girls from season 4.  (more…)

Quest Crew 2

Posted: March 30, 2011 in dance, fun
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I am a big fan of the Quest Crew.  They are the champions from season 3 of America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC).  Among them are some of my favorite breakers/hiphop dancers from So You Think You Can Dance.

They have been here to the Philippines last year.  They performed in ASAP XV and was simply A-MAY-ZING! Yes! Amazing!  Their choreography, aside from being exceptionally creative and immensely entertaining, manages to showcase each members strengths, which are numerous and sometimes bordering on ridiculous (of course in a positive way).

The Quest Crew joined the other 4 champions from the other seasons of ABDC during the ABDC Champions for Charity  – Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w, We Are Heroes and Poreotrix.

And here’s the performance of the Jabbawockeez at the same show: (more…)

Tomorrow at 8:30 pm (Philippine time or +8 GMT time) is Earth Hour.  I have been a part of it for 3 years now.  And again, as in every year, I am urging everyone to be part of it.  Let us dedicate this hour, just an hour at the very least, for our dear planet earth.  It’s very little sacrifice compared to the ginormous benefits we can get from just turning our lights off for 60 minutes.  Here’s El Nido Resorts’ pledge for Earth Hour:

Let’s join El Nido and the rest of the world in this momentous occasion.

But why stop there?  The environment badly needs us.  Everything that has happened recently – earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, New Zealand, Japan and Myanmar; (more…)

He is not yet number 1 but for 2011, he might as well be.  Novak Djokovic remains undefeated for 20 straight matches dating back to his wins in the Davis Cup last December, which helped his country, Serbia bag the Davis Cup trophy.

Novak Djokovic is currently the reigning Australian Open Champion defeating Roger Federer in the semi-finals and Andy Muraay in the finals, both in straight sets.  He met Roger Federer again in Dubai, beating him in straight sets.

Last week, the first ATP 1000 event was contested in Indian Wells.  The number 2 spot on the ATP rankings was on the line.  Roger Federer was able to play well enough to be able to defend his ranking, going into the semis without dropping a set.  Djokovic was not to be outdone.  He came into the semis also with a flawless set record, dropping only 6 games en route, the lowest ever going into the semis of an ATP 1000 tournament.  (more…)

Catching Up

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The day started out slow – waking up sluggish and tired from too many sleepless nights with my neck and back aching like an old man with osteoarthritis.  I had very few things planned.  It’s Sunday anyway.  They say you are supposed to rest and just be grateful for all the things that has come your way.  It was already 9 in the morning and I wasn’t feeling like getting up from and leaving my pillows lonely on my comfortable bed.  It was still too early to get up, for a weekend at least (based on my standards, of course).  So I stayed nestled under the covers snuggling with my pillows while reading tweets from the night before.

I got up after an hour, thirsty and hungry.  But after rummaging through my fridge and cupboard, I was only able to find choc-nut, a brand of peanut milk chocolate candy.  Too lazy to call for food delivery, more so to cook, I decided to just stuff myself with the choc-nut.

When I finally summoned enough energy, I proceeded with more tweeting and facebooking while watching some downloaded shows.  A few minutes after Thia Megia’s performance on American Idol Season 10, while Jennifer Lopez was criticizing her for not utilizing her whole potential as a singer, my phone rang.  My friend, A.L. called inviting me to lunch.