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Moving on

Posted: August 27, 2012 in music, quotes

From the ‘High School Musical’ song…

I am going my own way… I hope i get to where I wanna be…


Another talented Filipino! Amazing voice.  With that kind of performance, there’s a good chance he’ll bag the  grand prize of Pilipinas Got Talent.  But the Philippines does not have scarcity of talents so he still has some challenges he’s got to overcome.  But for now, he is a clear frontrunner!

Effortless performance.  Such a wide vocal range!  I am extremely excited to watch what he’ll do in his next performances.  I hope he still has some tricks in his bag.  Go Pinoy talent!

It finally happened.  The duet of Maria and Lady Gaga, finally did happen.  So proud of this young Filipina!  So talented and blessed.  They sang Lady Gaga’s new single – Born this way, which Maria did a version of.  Check it out – Maria Aragon and Lady Gaga!


refreshingly fresh

Posted: March 4, 2011 in fun, music, tv
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She’s all over EDSA.  She’s been the cover of almost every magazine in the Philippines.  She’s on almost every commercial segment of every show.  She’s Anne Curtis Smith or simply Anne Curtis – a beautiful, sexy, talented young actress and a frustrated singer.  But she proves everyone wrong with this refreshingly fresh commercial of  a brand of soap.

I find both the song and Anne’s voice equally soothing and fresh.  It’s one of my recent LSS’s – last song syndrome (a song you last heard that just won’t stop playing in your head).  But this is a good LSS.  And it comes with a refreshing image of Anne too.  Music to the soul indeed.

I don’t know how to describe this new video of Lady Gaga.  I admire that she pushes everything to its limit but this has got to be the edgiest of all videos ever, at least among those that I am aware of.  Everyone’s gonna be talking about the suggestiveness of the video and I’m not sure if they would show it as is on TV.