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Posted: April 30, 2010 in music
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Currently listening to Noel Cabangon.

Frankly, I do not know much about him.  “Pana-panahon ang pagkakataon, maibabalik ba ang kahapon” those are lyrics to one of Noel Cabangon’s songs, I think.

I do not have a lot of OPM songs in my library.  I only have Gary V, a few Aiza Seguerra’s, some Parokya and Eraserheads and one or two novelty songs, which were used for the usual Pinoy Christmas Party presentations.  It’s not that OPM songs are bad.  It’s probably just because I have more exposure to foreign artists.

Lately, I have been traveling a lot because of work.  Last week, I was sent to Region 8 – Tacloban and Eastern Samar.  My team was eating in a small restaurant (more like turo-turo) and they were playing OPM songs.  I was familiar with some but the others, I only heard then for the first time.  I was really struck with how smooth and easy to the ears the voice of the singer was.  I couldn’t help but approach the owner of the resto and ask who the singer is.  That’s how I learned about Noel Cabangon.

I read an article recently about Nikki Gil transferring to another record label.  She’s apparently not satisfied with how her old label is handling her career.  I love her voice also and I do think she isn’t really marketed all that well.  She’s had a lot of exposures on TV and has even appeared more than once in the High School Musical Soundtrack (Asian Version) but I do believe she can do more.  She and Sam Milby has recently auditioned online via myspace for GLEE!  I hope she gets in.

I still do not have her new album, which in one article was reviewed as a refreshing addition to OPM considering that a lot of the Filipino singers for the past years have been reviving and remaking songs of old, not really releasing their own sound, their own music.  Nikki also tried her hand in song writing co-writing 2 of the songs in the album with her sister.  Nikki also sings more freely and “with more conviction” owing to the years of experience she has gained from her many gigs.

But for now, until I get my hands on Nikki’s album, I’ll continue to feast on the euphonious stylings of Noel Cabangon.


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Posted: April 25, 2010 in dance, music
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Since becoming a part of 2ne1, sandara has become more interesting.  Actually, I wanted her to win the star circle quest before but then again, she probably wouldn’t be where she is now had she won then, so all’s good.

2ne1 is now releasing its second album.  Their first is a major hit all over asia and it seems like this one is on its way to the top also.  The music video is colorful and exciting!  Hooray for Dara! and 2ne1. 🙂

So here’s 2ne1’s latest… (more…)

Slow Sunday

Posted: April 25, 2010 in badminton, sports, technology, tv
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The opening number of ASAP XV was dope.  It really shows how talented artists in the kapamilya network are.  Yes, there were a few things that I think have room for improvement but overall an awesome performance, no doubt.  ASAP is really pushing their artists out of their comfort zones, maximizing their talents, steppin’ it up!  And they have to.  There’s a new Sunday variety show in a revamped network and another one has reformatted its program.  Competition is always good and should always be welcomed and should serve as inspiration for improvement.

While watching ASAP XV, I was also trying to re-organize my iphone apps.  (more…)

Earth Day

Posted: April 22, 2010 in mission

It’s earth day today. Let’s all unite in saving mother earth! One small thing that you do can help millions.

Throw that trash in the garbage can. Don’t smoke. Recycle. Turn off lights and appliances that are not in use. Walk. Use the public transport instead of driving your own car. Save water. Stay pretty without the use of hairsprays.  Plant a tree.  Report that smoke belching bus you see on the highway.  Reduce your carbon footprint. Everyone can, if they’re willing to, do something to help save the earth.

Let’s start now. Because if not now, when? If not us, who? C’mon. Let’s, you and me start saving the earth now!


Posted: April 19, 2010 in tv
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I was watching this episode of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Clash of 2010 a couple of nights ago.  (Yes, I am a kapamilya and have been ever since I can remember and I think, I will stay a kapamilya for a long time still.)  The boys from the villa, the first of two houses in this PBB season, were complaining that they weren’t able to sleep well.  These boys were lying on soft mattresses, with comforters and centralized air conditioning.  But they weren’t complaining about the amenities of the house.  They weren’t ungrateful at all.  Rather, their definition of comfort is just very much different.  Comfort for them is sleeping on a woven mat laid out on hardwood floors.   Because that’s how they slept all their lives.  That is what their bodies were accustomed to.

We all have varying definitions of what comfort is.  And right now, comfort for me is curling under the blankets with my 7 pillows on my make shift bed – just two mattresses on top of each other ( I still haven’t gotten around to buying a real bed because 1. I can’t find something I like and 2. I can’t find time to find the bed I like.)  I miss my bed….

March 17 to April 17

Posted: April 18, 2010 in technology
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I was supposedly fixing my iphone yesterday afternoon, April 17. Supposedly should be in capital letters.

I was still pissed off that I do not have the option of using my iphone as a modem so i can internet with my macbook. No matter how many restores i do the internet tethering option does not wanna appear in the network settings.



Posted: April 14, 2010 in food

I love gyudon. I always order it whenever I eat at any japanese restaurant. I had my first gyudon at teriyaki boy but fell in love with it after tasting oki oki’s version.

Today, i decided to have an early dinner in the hopes of having an early night. I have been sleeping quite late for the past days (Well, early in the morning actually) and as a result, I have been late for work for 5 straight days now, I believe. Anyway, on my way home, I was thinking of where to have dinner. I was initially craving for teriyaki boy chicken but remembered that I haven’t eaten gyudon for a while now. I was gonna get it from teriyaki boy but wifi at taste buds made me decide to go to sushi-ya instead. That certainly isn’t one of the better decisions I made in my life.

The gyudon in sushi-ya did not taste like any of the gyudons I remember eating. It wasn’t horrible, no, but the rich taste of the beef I was craving for was not there. I am truly disappointed. I was so looking forward to a joyous meal. Service was okay. The refillable iced tea i ordered was so-so. But the thing is, I didn’t feel any joy eating sushi-ya’s gyudon. Note to self: never order gyudon from sushi-ya ever again! 😦