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Olympic Dreams

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Tonight, the very first Filipino representative to the Winter Olympics skates for the first time. Michael Martinez is the country’s lone representative to the Winter Olympics happening in Sochi, Russia.  No matter the results after this competition, the Philippines should be proud of what he has achieved!

A long time ago, it was also my dream to represent the country in a competition abroad.  I used to dream of being on the first place podium with USA or China on either side!  And I did it, in my day dreams anyway, in every kind of sport. I used to say that I’d be the very first Filipino to ever win an Olympic gold medal in table tennis. Then in badminton. Or in swimming (even though I barely knew how to swim). And in all other sport you can think of.  I even remember the feeling of pride and nationalism whenever I imagine standing on the first place podium with my right hand over my left chest, the Philippine flag being raised and Lupang Hinirang playing loudly.  I think I even used to sing it out loud and proud.

But that was years ago. I know that nothing is impossible but let’s face it.  My body has already undergone irreversible changes. Changes that don’t exactly support my Olympic dream.  But who knows, right?  There are several other kinds of sport that don’t  require a young, athletic body.  I just hope I find the enthusiasm and inspiration to at least continue on dreaming.  So for now, I will live vicariously through Michael, who at a very young age has achieved what only millions of us dream of.