the real top 10

Posted: August 14, 2013 in dance, tv
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All but two of the 10 duets for this week got a standing ovation from the judges!  That’s how great the performances are this week! Oh my gosh!  I don’t have the words!  The All Stars really brought everything to the next level ten levels higher!

The show started off elegantly with the top 10 number choreographed by Chris Scott.  Clever use of the rocking chair!  These choreographers have such weirdly creative ideas for props.

The duets were started by a high energy, heart-stopping disco routine by the great Doriana Sanchez performed by Brandon and Amy.  The lifts are really scary but it’s Brandon who is doing them and with those big biceps, and considering how small Amy is, they were done perfectly!  Almost too perfect really especially on that last death drop!  An inch from the floor! Oh my!

That was followed by a sharp and funky jazz performance by the beast herself, Melanie paired with Fik-shun.  Their dance really left you feeling good.  Melanie is as sharp as ever and Fik-shun for the most part was able to match her brilliance.

Chacha by Jean Marc danced by Paul and the ever beautiful Whitney, one of my favorite ballroom dancers to ever grace the So You Think You Can Dance stage.  (I wonder what movie Whitney has finished shooting.  I gotta watch out for that).  Paul is on his element as he is a ballroom dancer also so it was a wonderful performance from both of them to Jennifer Lopez’s song Live It Up.

Twitch was paired with Hayley for a hiphop routine by Chris Scott.  It was okay, so-so.  This was the first one without a standing O.

The first of the bottom 2 girls to perform is Jenna.  She dances a Mandy Moore contemporary routine with Neil Haskell from season 4.  It was a very simple but graceful routine especially that last sequence (Nigel calls it a roll over) going down to the floor.

Another beast performs, a beast from season 10 – Jasmine. She jazzes with Marko to the hit song Blurred Lines.  An no offense to the judges but I am constantly drawn not to Jasmine but to Marko.  Marko is more sharp, more precise with his movements.  Jasmine is a beast but Marko is an All Star.

Makenzie follows with a broadway number by Spencer Liff.  She mesmerizes everyone with her partner Jakob.  Those legs, those feet!  She really is one of the best dancers!  Too bad she is the one eliminated tonight!  There’s one of the great reveals.  Goodbye my favorite season 10 dancer!

The worst among tonight’s amazing performances is the hiphop routine by Nico and Comfort.  It was a good routine but surrounded by one amazing performance after another, this surely will be remembered for the wrong reason.  The saving grace for this performance was Comfort’s exit on all fours.

The last routine for the night is an emotional contemporary dance from Travis Wall pairing two dancers who literally are on their second lives.  It’s a touching routine, which could have blown me away.  There’s just one sequence in the middle that wasn’t synchronized and distracted me from getting emotionally involved with the performance.  It could’ve been the performance of the season.

*It was mentioned in the clip that Travis based his choreography on his relationship with his half brother Danny Tidwell, runner up of season 4, who should’ve won.  Apparently, my research has revealed that Danny was hospitalized early this year for undisclosed reasons.  There are rumors that he is using drugs?  I hope this isn’t true though.

So Nico and Makenzie goes home this week.  Makenzie is just like Kayla who somehow, despite amazing performances and (maybe because of their) unquestionable beauty has never been able to charm the voters into calling to save them.

So sad…

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