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So Neil and Twitch aren’t dancing this time.  Sad.  But there are 10 other All Stars who will perform!

First up is Cristina with Pasha.  They danced to a Jean Marq Paso Doble (James Dooley – Ira Deorum/Sanctus).  Of course Cristina is a ballroom dancer as well so I expected a lot from the routine.  Thankfully, they delivered.  Both dancers were passionate and fiery and sharp.  The music also helped a lot in drawing the viewer in.  Passion, fire and control is what the Paso needed says Nigel.  And that they gave.  Fabulous according to Mia.  Mucho caliente from Adam.

Adechike danced with Allison to a Mandy Moore choreography (DHT feat Edmee – Listen to Your Heart).  It’s contemporary and according to Mandy, is more of a story than a dance.  I’m sure Adechike danced well but I just coudn’t take my eyes off Allison.  She truly moves like an angel, very graceful, very elegant, so full of passion.  Major improvement says Nigel but there should be a smoother flow of the movements.  Tap more into that joy at a much more consistent level instructs Mia.  Dance is an art form but is also a heart form.  Don’t dance from your head says Adam.  Let go.

Alex and Lauren performs a broadway number by Tyce DiOrio, fosse style.  The fosse style is quiet power according to Tyce and Alex did bring quiet power into the dance as well as his arsenal of perfectly executed ponches, jumps and kicks.  I feel like Alex could have danced it more masculine?  But other than that, it was good.  Nigel says Alex needs to work hard in doing other genres.  It was lacking a little in style says Mia.  Adam talks about how every movement was at 11, everything is just flash and no smolder.


Allison is one of my favorites ever in So you Think You Can Dance.  She specializes in contemporary but does extremely well in other genres as well.  I love all of the routines she did in Season 2.  Too bad she only made it to the top 8.

Here’s one of her videos during a rehearsal for a Gina Starbuck choreography to U by Ida Korr.  I really love how she moves and how she expresses the emotions of the piece.  She’s truly one of a kind.  No offense to the other dancer but it would have been better had Allison been left to do a solo.


my horoscope

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I have been up til the wee hours of the morning for the past week then up early for work.  And this will go on til Sunday next week, end of Wimbledon.  The matches have been great so far and the length of the matches are just a testament to the quality of players that both ATP and WTA have.  The match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut last night, although not shown on Philippine TV, kept me awake.  I was following it through live score updates from the Wimbledon site and through the commentaries of various tennis players I follow on twitter.  Bob Bryan and Andy Roddick in particular have very funny takes on the match.

I have been living the life of a zombie so far and have been going to work dizzy and uber sleepy.  Even my horoscope says that I should be wary of insomnia. Ha!  Here’s what it says exactly:

You’ll probably have original, unusual ideas in more than one field; hurry to exploit them. In your work, don’t hesitate to take some audacious initiatives. Risk of insomnia: go without stimulants and eat lightly in the evening. It will be necessary to establish a tailor-cut budget and adhere to it at all costs. The stars will help you solve your small difficulties on the affective plane; the misunderstandings between you and your partner will be rapidly dispelled, and your amorous sky will become sunny again.

It says eat lightly in the evening and I’ve been doing the exact opposite – heavy dinners and midnight snacks!  Potato chips, chocolates, pop corn and fruit shake.  =)

Breaking Records

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After more than 10 hours of play, the match between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner has been halted due to darkness.  So far, a lot of records have already been broken by this still ongoing match.

The record for the most number of aces served in a single match is held by Ivo Karlovic and stands at 78.  Isner has 98 so far and Mahut has 94.

The record for the longest Wimbledon match is at 6 hours and 9 minutes.  The record for the longest tennis match is at 6 hours and 33 minutes.  I have already stated earlier how long the Isner-Mahut match has gone so far but to emphasize, the final set alone has been played for 7 hours and 6 minutes so far.  So far!  This match at court 18 will resume at 330om Thursday.

The record for the longest match in terms of games played is 122.  The fifth set so far has gone on for 118 games.  They went to tiebreak for the 3rd and 4th.  That’s an additional 26 more games.  The first set was 6-4 and the second was 6-3 – 19 more games bringing the total to 163 games so far.  Again, so far!

Here’s a summary of the match statistics so far, taken from the Wimbledon website.

Unbelievable, record-breaking match!

I can only say ‘WHOA!’  The more impressive thing actually is the size of the bladder of everyone involved in the match.  How many times have the players gone to the toilet to pee? Or the umpire?  Or the linesmen?  And ball boys?  And they probably have stomachs of steel, too.  10 hours and no food?  Amazing!

I am all for breaking the records. The geek in me loves all those numbers and comparisons!  So I really want them to make it to at least 100 games each in the fifth set!  Hahahaha…That would be something else!

Update: June 25

Isner wins 70-68 and delivers 112 aces! Will he still have the stamina or the strength for his upcoming matches?

Packed Wimbledon Day 3

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Roddick, Clijsters and Henin highlight the first hour of the day 3 in SW19!  So which match will you choose?

Roddick is up against Michael Llodra, a doubles specialist really but could knock down any of the top 10 on his  best day so Roddick better bring rest his right arm coz he needs his aces and forehands for this game.  Roddick in straight sets!

Clijsters will play Sprem, who a few years ago made a run into the second week challenging the likes of Davenport and Venus Williams.  I forget how deep into the second week she got or which of the two former number 1s she beat but for sure, she can make Clijsters run from side to side.  Clijsters in 2 tight sets.

Heninwill be playing in court 2 against Kristina Barrois of Germany.  I haven’t exactly heard of her yet so I predict Henin, who is eager to win her first Wimby to complete the slam, will win in straight sets.

The rest of the schedule for the center courts are as follows and features venus, novak, lleyton and roger:

The schedule for the rest of the courts may be viewed at the wimbledon website.

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ellen dancing

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Yep.  You may have seen Ellen Degeneres dance on her show.  Sure.  She dances everyday, grooves to the latest hip hop/ street music.  And she moves really well.  But until you watch this video, you haven’t seen Ellen dance yet!

Ellen may not be able to do back flips and ponches but she sure as hell can hold her own against the So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Top 10!  Awesome!