SYTYCD S8 – Marko Germar

Posted: June 19, 2011 in dance, tv
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At this early in the competition, I already have a favorite dancer for the eighth season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Marko Germar is a Filipino dancer who grew up in Guam.  He is a jazz/hip hop specialist with bits of training in other genres as well.  He has a big appetite not only for dance, but for books and ketchup too.   He claims that at one point in his life, he could gobble down 10 big macs in one sitting.  Oh my.

In his audition, he performed a contemporary routine full of tricks showing how strong and controlled he is.  His lines are good and his flips fast as lighting.

Though his audition was good.  It wasn’t amazing.  And it wasn’t enough to get him tickets to Vegas straight away.  But that’s okay.  It just means, he still had a lot more to offer come Vegas week.  He must have wowed the judges then cause out of the hundreds who got to Vegas, he emerged as one of the top 10 male dancers! Go pinoys! Represent!

The following routine, choreographed by the ever quirky Sonya Tayeh showcased just how athletic and strong the top 20 dancers of season 8 are.  Marko dances with the other jazz dancers in the top 20 – Clarice, Missy and Jordan, who are all beasts!

For the competition proper, Marko was paired with Melanie, another one of the beasts in season 8.  They did a contemporary routine choreographed by Travis Wall to Ingrid Michaelson’s Turn to Stone.  It was the best routine of the night, which earned a standing ovation for the night.  Amazing!

The routine earned Marko and Melanie enough votes to escape the bottom 3 the following night.  But in a surprising turn of events, the judges decided to keep everyone for another week.  Sadly, 2 couples will be eliminated next week.

I hope America keeps on voting for Marko! I want him, Tadd, Nick, Jordan, Missy and Melanie in the top 6. =)

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  2. clark sampana says:

    Marko was immensely impressive as a dancer. Beyond that, he was ethereal. I used to be a dancer myself with the UP DANCE COMPANY way back my college days and I know a real dancer when i see one. It was frustrating that he ultimately landed third place. Nevertheless, he remains the best on my list. I cant help but be proud to note he is of Filipino descent like I am, and Mr. Gadduang who likewise did me proud in making it to the finals. Marko, I confer five stars onto you.

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